Friday, October 18, 2013

{Flashback Friday} :: High School Junior

Today's flashback: Junior Year :)
Another cool tradition at our high school was that we went on a retreat every year. For 3 days, the whole high school would pack into buses, and we would head to a camp site outside of town. It was awesome because we got out of school for those days! It was kind of like going to summer camp, but instead it was a few days during the school year. There were fun activities, group challenges, and a speaker who walked us through daily devotionals. 

On the bus headed to retreat, Junior Year

Junior year was the big year that we spent every available moment working on the spring jr/sr banquet. From the skit and fully interchangeable backdrop to the decorations, music, and catering...we poured so much time and effort into the banquet. We became really close as we spent countless hours working on the details. When each class chose a theme their sophomore year, it was supposed to be kept a secret until the tickets went on sale in the spring of junior year. So there was a lot of covert operations involved! Our chosen theme was "The Yellow Brick Road" and {if I do say so myself} we put on an awesome event!

Painting the yellow brick road on the backdrop

Dorothy and the Scarecrow :) Rachel {Dorothy} is now pursuing her career as an actress, and Julianna {Scarecrow} is a missionary in Africa.

The munchkins! Complete with a dancing Lollipop Guild ;)

Our class really came together and worked hard to make a memorable evening for the seniors. It's when I first fell in love with planning events. I loved every minute of it!

I worked mostly behind the scenes, but had a small role as a student in an opening scene.

Parents were super involved in helping pull off the event, and my mom was no exception!

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