Friday, October 25, 2013

{Flashback Friday} :: High School Senior

Today we're wrapping up our trip down memory lane: high school edition :) 

Senior year rolled around, and I most definitely had senioritis! To say I was ready to move on from high school was an understatement. But there were still a lot of fun memories to be had in my final year. 

I actually didn't play soccer my senior year. There was just a lot going on and it wasn't where the Lord wanted me. I was sad I didn't play that year, and it even took half the season for most people to realize I hadn't even tried out for the team again :)

Senior Servant Day! Students bid on each senior to be their servant for a day. My brother "bought" me and thankfully he was fairly kind to me :)

A weekend at the lake with sweet friends

Our senior banquet

Senior Trip to Estes Park, CO

Feeding the chipmunks...I have always loved furry animals :)

With the valedictorian and close. But #3 isn't so bad :)

With one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Biddison. I had 3 classes with him my senior year: Bible, Calculus, and Physics. Such an incredible man of God and educator!

So that was me in high school. I had a pretty good high school experience, though it's not one I would like to repeat. It's such an awkward time, and I just wasn't confident enough in who I was in Jesus yet. If I could go back in time, I would tell high school Erin to stress less, be kinder to my parents, spend more time with Jesus, and hold out for better things beyond high school. I am forever thankful for my Christian education, and I am grateful for all the Lord taught me, as He was already molding me into the woman He wanted me to be.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and hearing their stories on "life after high school." 

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