Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1000 Gifts #460-549

460. The long days of summer.
461. The warmth of the summer sun.
462. The lazy days of summer {even if they are few and far between!}
463. A fresh haircut.
464. Walking through a freshly cut lawn.
465. Time with both sets of my grandparents; thankful I still have all 4!
466. An extra day off from work.
467. Reflecting on our study in the first half of Exodus.
468. Encouraging conversations with sweet friends.
469. The cooler mornings leading up to fall.
470. The waning warmth of summer.
471. Dinner with the sweet Wilsons.
472. The cooler temperatures of autumn.
473. The changing of seasons and welcome of autumn.
474. Pumpkin Spice Lattes :)
475. The new bushes growing in our front yard.
476. Watching our little church family grow.
477. The growth that comes from the Holy Spirit.
478. Getting snuggles from my sweet niece while her mama got a much-needed nap.
479. Lunch with my mother- and sister-in-law.
480. Helping our neighbor switch out his truck bed.
481. Thankful for time with our Redeemer family.
482. Thankful for sales at the grocery store.
483. Thankful for an early bed time.
484. God's abundant mercy.
485. A clean heart that only comes from God.
486. Hearing another person's story.
487. The first Redeemer Church baptism service.
488. Watching sweet friends get baptized!
489. My husband's unconditional love.
490. Thankful for grace.
491. Thankful for joy.
492. Thankful for a specific season of Thanksgiving.
493. Wisdom in His Word.
494. Conviction in His Word.
495. Encouragement in His Word.
496. The scent of my favorite fall candle- Leaves :)
497. Date nights on the couch in front of a movie.
498. A good night's rest after a few hard nights.
499. An encouraging lunch with other Acts 29 wives.
500. Catching up with my brother over Sonic Happy hour.
501. Dinner with sweet friends.
502. Grocery shopping with my love; thankful that he is willing to go with me.
503. Fall decorations out...even though it's still 90 degrees outside :)
504. Thankful for a home to decorate.
505. Strength and energy for a really long day.
506. Sharing an overview of our weekend with my sweet co-worker.
507. The much-needed rain!!
508. Ugly cries with your husband that mean a stronger relationship.
509. Having to be patient for a surprise, knowing it's a good one.
510. Fighting with insurance companies and pharmacies...only to realize how thankful I am to have access to both.
511. Early bed times.
512. A company that cares about my health and wellness.
513. The date night jar my husband made for us!
514. Laughter in a conversation with a co-worker.
515. Encouragement in a conversation with a friend.
516. Our monthly Faith & Culture event that encourages thoughtful conversation.
517. Freedom in salvation.
518. Redemption in salvation.
519. Grace in salvation.
520. Breakfast with my best friend.
521. Spending time with kids in our church.
522. Productive Saturdays.
523. Watching a friend finish her 1st half marathon.
524. A husband who is willing to get up early with me to watch her finish her 1st half marathon.
525. Sundays filled with church family and activities.
526. The quietness of the early morning.
527. The beautiful "fall" weather {at least in the mornings and evenings right now!}
528. Walks with my husband around the neighborhood.
529. The reminder of being set apart, grafted into the family of God.
530. Strength for a long day.
531. Conviction from God's Word.
532. The confidence of knowing God is sovereign and always provides.
533. The ability to go home for lunch.
534. Sunshine.
535. Early mornings with Jesus.
536. Cuddles with my puppy.
537. Holding down the fort at the office...makes me thankful for my sweet colleage Cindy.
538. Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer :)
539. A Friday evening spent baking my favorite cake for sweet friends.
540. A Friday evening baby-sitting our neighbors' adorable son.
541. Watching dear friends get married.
542. Catching up with Woodcreek friends.
543. Family dinner with friends.
544. Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday ;)  {Mike got to preach at our local store...no chicken though}.
545. Thankful for enough to cover our expenses this month.
546. Thankful for the rain.
547. Thankful for the promise of a new glorified body one day.
548. Thankful for the cooler weather.
549. Thankful for strength to make it through a hard day. 

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