Sunday, October 13, 2013

Birthday in October!

My birthday was in February, and my sweet husband's gift to me was a trip to the zoo! It was too cold to go around my birthday, then life just got super busy {plus we were figuring out medication costs}, and the summer was too hot....and so we found ourselves headed to the Ft. Worth Zoo to finally celebrate in October :)

I really enjoy zoos, and have since I was a kid. My husband, on the other hand, is not as big a fan, but he graciously took me and we had a great day together. We made a Starbucks run before we headed out to Ft. Worth, and then we stopped for lunch at a local neighborhood grill before heading in to the zoo.

When we got there, it must have been nap time for the animals; they were all out and visible for us to see, but they were all taking naps. So I didn't think it was as fun to get too many photos of sleeping animals :)

The gorilla wasn't even napping; he just seemed annoyed with everyone looking at him.

It's hard to see, but this mama came out to show off her baby :)

I could have touched him if I wanted to...

We walked {quickly} through the bird enclosure.

Mike tried talking to this bird, and he puffed up all his feathers and wasn't too sure of Mike.

We got to see them feed the alligator, and he came right up to the glass to show off his teeth.

I was really excited to see the new baby elephants! They were born this summer, and we got to catch a glimpse of them :)

We had a fun time walking around the zoo, seeing all the fun animals God has created. I am thankful for a day to take a break and just enjoy time with my husband. 

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