Friday, October 11, 2013

{Flashback Friday} :: High School Sophomore

Today we are continuing our trip down memory lane...this week we're highlighting my sophomore year of high school. We moved over to the nice new K-12 campus and were able to enjoy the brand new facilities. Sophomore year I ran for class president and won, which was another fun memory from high school. I loved the organization and planning aspect of being class president, and it also gave me the opportunity to interact with and build relationships with all of my classmates.

Sophomore year was also fun because the girls soccer team won the TAPPS 5A State Championship! We worked really hard that year, and it paid off with a trophy and a state ring :)

I also celebrated my 16th birthday. I was able to invite all of the girls in my class {the benefit of going to a small school!} for a good old fashioned slumber party. It was a fun night full of pajamas, crafts, dancing, and girly fun.

Happy 16th Birthday to me!

Sweet classmates :)

So part of the tradition of spring banquet was that the juniors plan a celebration banquet for the seniors. These are fully themed productions; you start fundraising/planning during your freshman year to pay for 2 things: jr/sr banquet and senior trip.  Also, the 8th graders {soon to be freshmen} are your free labor for the evening, as they are your servers. So my brother was a server for the jr/sr banquet I attended my sophomore year.

Isn't he cute??

Still rocking those bangs...

Oh, and another tradition was that everyone attends graduation, not just the graduating seniors. The other grades are required to be in attendance in full dress uniform. My usual every day uniform was a plaid pleated skirt, button-down collared shirt, and penny loafers. The full dress uniform added a patched sweater, a plaid tie, knee socks {with tassles}, and this fancy beret. It was quite the fashion statement ;)


  1. Oh my gosh they made you WEAR that? Where did you go to school—Hogwarts?? {These posts are really fun!}

    1. Haha- yes. Thankfully the beret and tassles on the socks were a once-a-year deal. But everything else...4 years of high school. Every day. The nice thing is that everyone was wearing the same thing so at least we ALL looked ridiculous :)