Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meet the New Man in my Life

God has placed it on my heart to sponsor a child for quite some time now. Growing up, my parents "adopted" 2 children from Guatemala for my brother and I to support. I wrote letters to Deysey for many years until she turned 18 and left the program. Since then, I have wanted to do this on my own, but have just never done it. A couple of weeks ago, my 20s group decided that they were going to support a child through Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope program. I felt the Holy Spirit pressing on my heart that now was the time.

So I got online and signed up to sponsor a child. I instantly wanted to go through this organization; 100% of the funds go to the children, and their main focus is to share the love of Christ with each child. I immediately fell in love with this precious little boy and have been anxiously awaiting his information packet in the mail.

Meet Yusuf! He lives in India and is 6 years old. He enjoys playing see-saw and flying kites. My heart is bursting with joy, gratitude, and absolute humility that I get to support this precious little one throughout his schooling. He has asked for prayer for himself and his family, who are part of the group of outcasts known as "the untouchables." I cannot wait to write to him and begin to build a relationship with him. I will make sure to update you on this sweet boy.

With his sweet face hanging on my refrigerator, I cannot help but feel abundantly (and undeservedly) blessed with the life I live. Talk about putting my life in perspective. I realize that sponsoring this sweet little boy is only a tiny step toward obeying God's call to help the poor and oppressed. But I needed to start somewhere. And so I pray that this is just that: the first step toward understanding the heart of God for "the least of these." The beginning of a broken heart for the lost and the needy. I also pray for Yusuf; that he may know and understand the love of God and come to a saving knowledge of His Son.

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