Monday, September 21, 2009

A Look Back at the Rain....

Ever sit and read your old journals? I hadn't done this in a long time, but felt compelled to do so tonight. On my way home from girls' Bible study, it was pouring down rain and lightening like crazy. When I got home, I was completely drenched and just grateful to be in a warm, dry place. Then God brought to mind the Third Day song When the Rain Comes. I started thinking back to when I was first introduced to this song, and I found myself at my old blog. As I read through the pages of the last 2 years of my life, I couldn't believe the journey that I have been on. Through all of the joy and the pain, the hardships and friendships, the fun times and the scary times... I can't believe all that God has brought me through just in this short time. I could write for pages all of what I can look back on and praise God for. But I was particularly struck by the post that started my trip down memory lane. In December of 2006 I was crying out to God for relief from the rain. Back then I wrote:

I am so thankful that He holds me until the rain goes away. So many times I sit and cry and wonder why He won't stop the rain. I miss the whole point: that He holds me until it's gone. I just have to rest in Him. Everything will be alright. And no one loves me like He does. And so I sit and cry in His the rain falls.

Today I have tears welling up in my eyes for different reasons. The rain from December 2006 is gone; several different storms have come and gone since then. But the truth of God's presence and love remain. Everything is alright and no one loves me like He does. And I can look back on that time and let my heart rejoice over all He has done and has yet to do. My God is like no other, and He was, and is, faithful to hold me until the rain is gone.

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