Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sales School, Week 2

Things are beginning to get really busy, so I apologize for not posting more regular updates on Sales School. Nothing too exciting has happened, and I can just sum it up here:
  • Some of the guys party really hard at night and come to class hungover. Today one of the guys was MIA and we learned that he had spent the night in jail. Really? I just don't get it. I know we are adults and can make our own choices, but really?
  • Role Playing should be outlawed. I mean, really. What's the point? It kind of feels like adult make-believe, and I am just not buying into it. But I survived the worst of it today, so that's definitely a blessing!
  • Being in a class of all guys has its perks: no girly drama and no catty competition.
  • But being in a class of all guys also has its drawbacks: "guy talk" followed by a quick apology forgetting that I am in the room (my ears have been violated by inappropriate and sexist comments on more than one occasion), too much testosterone in the room (competition of another kind- proof of "manliness"- the kind that elicits an eyeroll and a sigh from the one female in the room), and the room smells like a guys' locker room. Sigh.
I am half way through...a week and a half to go. I will be focusing on school and some projects at work, so things are going to get crazy. Bear with me if I don't post regularly...I will get back to regular updates in a few weeks :)

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