Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Drama

Those of you who know me well enough know that my family has all kinds of issues. We joke about how we are our own "Cops" episode and how we should write a book. For those of you who don't know me that well, let me clarify and say that my extended family has issues. My parents and bro are golden. They are absolutely amazing, and I am so thankful for the work God has done in our little family unit. It's when you add in all the other people I am related to that things get interesting...I know that everyone's family has issues. Mine just seems to take it to a whole new level of the term "dysfunctional."

In all reality, I really shouldn't talk so flippantly about my family and their never-ending issues. Please don't misunderstand my heart. I love my family, but my family is very lost. They desperately need Jesus, and that is no joking matter. It is so difficult to know what I know, to have the abundant and fulfilling relationship with Christ that I have, and then think about how they live their lives without that. It's even harder to know that they really don't want any part of the faith that is so influential in my life. So know that my heart breaks with the thought that my family members walk every day without Christ. I can't imagine my life without Him- He is everything to me. I couldn't breathe without Him. Knowing that they's why I try to joke about it because otherwise I would be a mess of tears and anguish.

Without divulging every sordid detail of the most recent family drama, I do want to request prayer for my family. My uncle is about as far away from God as you can get right now- he is a member of the church of Satan, and if demons still inhabit human bodies, I believe he is battling them now. He has severe mental and emotional issues, and he really needs a lot of medical/mental help. He has threatened to hurt himself or others, and he is just not in a safe frame of mind. The drama stems from knowing how to handle the situation- and denial, hurt, anger, misguided/misplaced love, and ignorance abound. He desperately needs help, but it can only come from God. So please pray for my family. Please pray for wisdom and rational decision-making, for peace and unity, for safety, and for courage to do the hard thing. And please pray for my mom in all of this. She has such a broken heart over the spiritual state of her family, and she is trying so hard to be the light in the hostile darkness. Please pray for her strength and wisdom as she tries to interject reason and truth.

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