Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Really?!? Sales School, Day 2

Today I found myself wondering what was up with the guys in my sales school. One guy caught the looks on my face, and I learned I should be more careful in hiding my feelings...

Guy 1 in my sales school: So what exactly do you mean by the radius? What does that mean?
Guy 2 in my sales school: Yeah, is that, like, how many miles you drive in a day?
Guy 3 in my sales school: Yeah, it's when you drive a circle around your office and measure the distance that circle makes all the way around.
Guy 1 and 2 in my sales school: Oh ok. That makes sense.
Me in my head: FAIL. (Really?!?)


Guy in my sales school: I don't know about these sales techniques that they are teaching us. I just know that I am already a good salesman. A charismatic killer is what you would say. (Really?!?)


Guy in my sales school: So. (slides up close next to me) Are you married? (Really?!?)

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