Thursday, August 27, 2009

Let the Craziness Begin...

I have been watching these days creep up on me for several weeks now. Part of me is excited for things to get started; part of me is dreading the hectic schedule. I have felt so relaxed this summer. I have been stress-free, peaceful, catching up on rest. And that is all quickly coming to an end, and I am not ready! Haha. Honestly, the craziness started last week, but I think I have been in denial. Oh well.

I got back yesterday from visiting my company's headquarters in Houston. It was an exhausting 2 days of meeting anyone and everyone, but it was such a great trip. I work for such an amazing company, and I feel so blessed that this is the place God put me for this part of my life. I can't help but feel overwhelmed still with how much He provided and orchestrated for me. Work is going to be crazy for a little while, but I am so grateful for my job!

So why so busy? Here's a brief look at the fall:
  • 4 week self-study for Hartford Producer School so I can get my CLCS (which requires 4-6 hours daily...on top of my normal every-day work)
  • 3 week classroom time for Hartford Producer School (which just happens to fall right in the middle of renewal for my largest client; basically that means I will work a couple of 80-hour weeks...sigh)
  • I still have 2 more exams for my CISR, and the week after I get back from the Hartford School, I will be gone for 4 days for my first CIC course...LOTS of studying in my future.
  • BSF starts!!! I am super excited for this to start. I have actually been waiting for most of the summer for this to start again....but I will soon go back to a 2-night a week commitment, lessons, phone calls, fellowships, homiletics, etc.
  • I am continuing my involvement with my 20s group at church- girls' bible study and singles group- but will also begin Disciples at Heart, which means I will start meeting with an older woman in the church so she can mentor me. I am really excited about this, and it's only a once a month commitment. I have wanted a mentor for a long time, and I have finally decided that now is the time.
It's going to be a busy fall, but it will be a good fall. The fun stuff starts this weekend when my mom comes to town for a girls' weekend! And in November, Laura and I are taking a road trip to see Nicki in Virginia!!! I am excited about what the fall holds; I am just praying that God continues to provide strength and peace. I really need Him to help me trust Him and not stress during the stressful times. I am choosing to walk into the next few weeks with let the craziness begin!

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