Friday, April 14, 2017

{Flashback Friday} :: College Freshman

When my 10 year high school reunion rolled around, I blogged about my high school years. So now that my 10 year college reunion has arrived, I thought I would do the same for my college years at Baylor :) So over the next few Fridays, I will relive my time as a Baylor Bear!

Sorry for some of the poor image was still back before digital photos {or at least before I had transitioned out of film}. So I had to scan a lot of the photos out of my scrapbooks. But you get the idea. And I wish I could say my fashion choices improved in college, but sadly, they did not. Oh well. Enjoy the laugh and the trip down memory lane!


I arrived on the Baylor campus in August of 2003. I was excited and hopeful, nervous and slightly scared. But I was so ready to take on the world and figure out life as a college student! 

I knew I wanted to study business, so I dove right into all of my freshman business classes. It would take me a couple of years to decide on my final major, but {other than a brief life choice crisis my junior year} I enjoyed my business classes from the beginning. 

My dorm room...complete with matching bedding with my freshman roomie

Megan, my freshman roomie! We went to high school together, so it was nice to know someone.

I lived in North Russell, Hall 1A. I loved getting to know a number of these sweet girls.

Game Day! Baylor football was terrible while I was there, but we still had fun going to to the games.

Our tiny dorm Christmas tree :)

My sweet friend Nicki {who lived next door}...ready for a night out, wearing each other's clothes ha!

Sweet girls from freshman year

With the bear!!

It's also worth noting that I worked in the dining hall my freshman year. That's right...I served food to my fellow classmates, and my uniform was complete with a hair net. I don't have any photos of that, but you can just imagine. It was a good job, but I was glad when it was time to move on to something else :)

Another random {and fun} thing about freshman year is that my parents surprised me with my Mazda, Peabody! The car I had taken to college was acting up and so my parents gifted me a new, more reliable vehicle. It was completely unexpected, and one of the best surprises!

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