Friday, April 21, 2017

{Flashback Friday} :: College Sophomore

Sophomore year brought more business classes, but a change of job. I became a Community Leader {which is Baylor's version of the RA}, and I loved it! When I wasn't in class, I was hanging out with my residents, or the other members of my CL staff. 

CL staff training

NRU 3rd floor CLs

My Co-CL Amanda

My sweet residents!

Each Halloween, each dorm would decorate its halls and the residents would dress up while the Baylor staff would bring their kids trick or treating. It was such a fun event, and North Russell always went all out with candy, hall themes, and games.

All dressed up with my Co- CL

Christmas on 5th Street was also a fun tradition on campus. I went every year, and Sophomore year we went as a staff.

We did so much as a staff...dinners, training, team building, hanging out. There was never a short supply of activities, and it made for a fun group of friends and a great year.

North Russell staff at a CL banquet

Hanging out in the lobby

Karaoke night!

Celebrating April's birthday

North Russell hosted their own crush in the spring. Greek life is HUGE at Baylor, so the tiny minority that doesn't rush tends to feel a little left out. Enter the NRU crush :)

The CL staffs always had an end of year party, and each hall dressed up in theme. This year, North Russell decided to go beach themed. Rolling around the rink in inner tubes made for a lot of fun :)

One of my favorite parts of the year was when all the residents went home and just the CL's remained to close down the dorm for the year. Another semester was behind, and it was a good opportunity to reflect over the previous year. We had a lot of close-down duties, so it was a lot of hard work, but it was just more sweet time with the staff as we looked ahead to summer.

Saying goodbye to these sweet residents.

Working hard to close down the dorm for the summer!

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