Thursday, June 30, 2016

{iPhone Rewind} :: June

I gathered some snacks for our trip to Chicago. You would think that the twins were already here, but nope! These are all for mama :)

Date #18: Smokin' Hot Monogamy #wcsavethedate16

Sasha had her yearly checkup and was officially deemed an "old lady." She is doing great, but will have to start taking some supplements to help her ease into old ladyhood :)

Date #19: Houlihans + Steel City Pops with our Community Group #groupdate #wcsavethedate16

Our guest bedroom became the staging area for wedding prep, which I LOVE. Can't wait to celebrate with sweet friends! #callofdoty

Thrift shopping is the best! And BONUS: it still fit! That's a rare thing these days :)  #18w6d

Mike preached at his parents' church on Father's Day. I love this photo of the McCullough men :)

Showing off at the vet. Sasha will do anything for a treat :)

Mike got to preach at Mercy Church this month. It was fun to be with our sweet friends in their new facility!

Well over half way {for twins} and realizing I'm going to at least double in size before the end...but I wouldn't change a thing :)  #20w3d

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