Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Anatomy Scan

Today we went in for our second Level II Ultrasound with the perinatologist. Because our twin pregnancy is considered high risk, I will have several over the course of my pregnancy. Which I am ok with, because it means we get to check in on our babies :)

Today was our official anatomy scan. So they took some extra time to measure our babies' organs, growth, weight, and to make sure they had all their important appendages. It took a little bit longer because they were SUPER active and wouldn't stay still. The poor sonographer seemed to get a little frustrated because every time she would get close to getting a measurement, they would move. But we finally got all the info we needed, and it was such a relief to hear that our babies are measuring right on track and that all looks well! Strong heartbeats, all organs and appendages look good, and they are looking healthy. That's all this mama needs to hear :)

Mike snuck a photo while we were trying to identify which baby was which :)

The other piece of good news is that my SCH is gone! They officially lifted all of my restrictions, and we shouldn't have to worry about it anymore. Such an answer to prayer!

Baby A {Baby Boy}:
- Weighing 10 ounces

Baby B {Baby Girl}:
- Weighing 9 ounces

Oh, and the sibling rivalry has begun...we definitely got to watch them kick each other on the screen! :)

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