Monday, June 27, 2016

20 Weeks

How far along? 20 weeks
Days since transfer: 122 days
Total weight gain: +11.8
Maternity clothes? Yep! And I am already starting to outgrow the items I have...maternity sizing is a bit frustrating for me, so it has been a little bit of a challenge. So this is going to be interesting :)
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well. It is getting a little harder to find a comfortable position, but once I find one, I'm out.
Best moment of the week: We got to hear heartbeats again at our OB appointment, which is always fun. Mike also got to feel the babies kick! It was brief, but he definitely felt it. And it was so fun to see his face :)
Cravings: Not really. Just trying to eat healthy.
Symptoms: Still feeling really good, just continuing to grow! I worked a wedding reception this past weekend, so my body is pretty achy and tired after that. I have spent a lot of time with my feet up since then haha. 
Looking forward to: A long weekend with my hubby. He is going to take some time off, and we will get to enjoy some good time together. We may start registering this weekend, so that will be fun!


Size of baby? About the size of a mango or a paper airplane :)
Development: Babies have grown a ton, and my uterus is starting to press up against my lungs already. They have stretched out and can now be measured from head to toe {instead of crown to rump}. Baby girl has seven million primitive eggs, and baby boy's testicles are forming. Babies are sprouting teeth buds, lips, eyelashes, and eyebrows.
Heartbeat: Still one of my favorite sounds, and still nice and strong! Both babies had heartbeats in the 150s.
Movement: It's still not consistent, but it is definitely unmistakable at this point. Mike even got to feel them kick briefly, so that was fun to share with him.
Gender: We're having a BOY and a GIRL :)

Isn't this shirt just so fun? :)

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