Saturday, March 1, 2014

1000 Gifts #919-1002

919. Running errands and eating cupcakes with Laura.
920. Serving in the Redeemer Kidz ministry, seeing Jesus through the eyes of elementary-aged boys.
921. Our second pre-launch service...almost ready!
922. A husband who will go to the grocery store for me.
923. Not having to leave the house on a cold day.
924. Super bowl party with our neighbors.
925. Cookie of the year break and bake cookies.
926. Getting everything crossed off my to-do list.
927. Leftovers.
928. BSF connections.
929. A warm coat.
930. Our first missional community meeting.
931. The prayers that were stitched into the quilt we were gifted for our wedding.
932. Warm chocolate chip cookies.
933. Talking marriage with sweet friends.
934. Birthday lunch with co-workers.
935. 4-day work weeks.
936. Birthday cards
937. My 29th birthday.
938. Lunch with my parents.
939. Dinner and cake with family.
940. Early morning coffee and conversation with my mom.
941. Redeemer Launch Day!!
942. Celebrating God's grace and provision with our church family.
943. Savoring the last minutes with my family.
944. Lunch with extended family.
945. An evening to relax with my hubby.
946. A husband who is funny and always makes me laugh.
947. Fun and laughter with colleagues.
948. Visiting friends and getting to meet their twins.
949. Strawberry shortcake to celebrate our CEO's birthday.
950. Starting new craft projects.
951. Humira shot day.
952. Finally making it through my stack of things to do at work.
953. Talking wedding details with sweet friends.
954. Free Starbucks drinks.
955. The sun! It finally came out after several dreary days.
956. Fun and laughter at the MEF spelling bee.
957. Finally finished reading the book 1000 Gifts! :)
958. Starting a new book!
959. A hand-delivered Sonic drink from my Valentine.
960. He is jealous for me, loves like a hurricane...oh how He loves.
961. Our core team who works so hard each Saturday.
962. Catching up with my sister-in-law.
963. Dinner with our church family.
964. Lunch with family- always good times and laughter.
965. Playing on the floor with my niece.
966. Working on craft projects with my hubby.
967. Another bank holiday.
968. Learning how to fold a fitted sheet :)
969. An afternoon movie with my love.
970. B-12 shots.
971. Laughing with my hubby.
972. Gelato and talking life with a young woman in our church.
973. Thankful the Lord didn't let me find Mike in college, like I had wanted.
974. Thankful the Lord didn't let me have a career in event planning, like I had wanted.
975. Dinner with our missional community group.
976. Truths from the Word that impact my heart and soul.
977. Hearing God's voice, whispering comfort and reassurance.
978. Catching up with my mom.
979. The gorgeous and {warm} weather over the weekend!
980. The promise of Spring.
981. Puppy snuggles.
982. My mom, who will take my panicked phone calls and calm me down.
983. Thankful for my mom's expertise with preschoolers.
984. Thankful I didn't have to teach last minute after all.
985. Lunch with my in-laws.
986. Hearing stories of my hubby's childhood :)
987. A bridal shower for a sweet friend.
988. Strength and endurance to make it through a difficult morning.
989. Warm {decaf} coffee.
990. The reassurance of God's faithfulness.
991. Knowing the Lord meets us and carries us when we are worn out.
992. Starting to grow something pretty.
993. Thankful for reminders of God's care and provision.
994. Thankful for peace above all understanding.
995. Thankful for when God sees our tears.
996. Thankful for when God sees our heartaches.
997. God's provision of finances in the past, helps me trust His provision for the future.
998. God's provision of health in the past, helps me trust His provision for the future.
999. Thankful for the Ebenezer Stones as reminders of His faithfulness.
1000. Thankful I have a hope and a future.
1001. Pay day.
1002. A clean house.

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