Friday, February 28, 2014

{iPhone Rewind} :: February

Laura and I ran errands together, and we just so happened to be nearby a cupcake ATM...we LOVED grabbing a Sprinkles cupcake. The machine even sang to us, and we may or may not have had our own mini dance party :)

It was my week to lead the elementary class for Redeemer Kidz. We had all boys in our class, so it was high energy from start to finish. They really enjoyed playing "Teacher, May I?" while we waited for parents to be out of the service.

I know I have posted pictures of our mounted police before, but I am just always fascinated by them. Hello suburbia. Welcome to McKinney :)

I got a hand-delivered Sonic drink from my Valentine...definitely a sweet treat!

Because of our size right now, it's all hands on deck for our Saturday services. When we volunteer in the kids ministry, we are unable to participate in the adult service. I am grateful for technology so that I can listen to my hubby's message later in the week. Check him out on iTunes! :)

I can't take credit for this photo {obviously}, but it is an iPhone photo. Ben snapped this shot of us having some play time with Presley Kate. She sure LOVES her Uncle Mike!
I came home and this beautiful arrangement was waiting for me. "Just Because" flowers from my hubby are the best! :)
These are our newest snack obsession; they are SO good! I'm a fan of the Lighlty Salted flavor, and Mike likes the Black Pepper and the Wasabi Ranch flavors. Another reason we're fans of the new Winco grocery store :) 

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