Saturday, February 1, 2014

1000 Gifts #826-918

826. The beginning of a new year.
827. The comforting hug of a loved one.
828. Knowing that He comforts the brokenhearted.
829. The cold winter air outside.
830. The cozy warmth inside.
831. Taco salad for dinner.
832. Strength through a crazy week at work.
833. Friendships at work.
834. An impromptu dessert date with my love.
835. The old First Presbyterian building.
836. The new {to us} First Presbyterian building for our services.
837. The blue pipe and drape for our worship services.
838. {Finally} reading 1000 Gifts!
839. Making dinner for my love.
840. Seeing Mike preach at Mercy Church.
841. God's abundant provision for my medicine {again}.
842. Fresh groceries in our fridge.
843. A new prayer in my heart.
844. A good report from the doctor.
845. The difference of a year.
846. A best friend who lives close.
847. The setting sun at dusk...the close of a good day.
848. My reflection in the mirror...finally back at a healthy weight.
849. The light that chases the shadows away.
850. My adorable niece held.
851. The rainbows after the rain.
852. Lunch with my sister- and mother-in-law.
853. Lemon water.
854. Sweet tea.
855. Grilled fish tacos...cooked just right.
856. Starting a new Bible study.
857. A morning to get things checked off my to-do list.
858. Children's ministry training for our launch day.
859. Sundays to sleep in and truly rest.
860. The warmer weather, a chance to give the puppy a bath.
861. A celebratory dinner out with my love.
862. Gift of health.
863. Gift of organization.
864. Gift of ability to work hard.
865. Rest for a weary heart.
866. Being woken up early by the Lord to spend time with Him.
867. A night at Starbucks with the ladies of Redeemer.
868. Wearing the necklace Mike gave me for Christmas.
869. The sunshine...a promise of Spring to come.
870. Dinner and a night of missional community planning.
871. Sharing our coffee bar with friends.
872. Talking marriage with Sami and Adrian.
873. The excitement and anticipation of a wedding.
874. A husband who makes me laugh.
875. A husband who leads us in prayer.
876. New recipe success.
877. Encouragement from God's Word.
878. Conviction from God's Word.
879. A challenge from God's Word.
880. A day of running errands with my love.
881. The ability to give away clothes out of excess.
882. Organization.
883. Bank holidays.
884. Catching up on chores.
885. Coffee and conversation with Laura.
886. Birds in the sky.
887. Warmth in the water.
888. Making memories.
889. Grace for a new day.
890. Food shared.
891. Dinner and conversation with neighbors.
892. A surprise gift waiting for me at home.
893. The community of believers.
894. Sharing Jesus with college students.
895. A breakfast date with my love.
896. Hot {decaf} coffee on a cold day.
897. The quiet of bosses away to catch up on work.
898. Sleeping in.
899. Grace and comfort for my heart.
900. Pre-launch service #1 for Redeemer Church.
901. A day off to rest and feel better.
902. A warm and comfortable home.
903. Finally feeling better.
904. A pantry and fridge full of food.
905. A double oven!
906. My KitchenAid mixer.
907. Encouragement from friends.
908. Community with friends.
909. The blessing of having friends.
910. The song on the radio that leads me to worship.
911. Webinars to help me find answers.
912. Provision for medicine.
913. A good night's sleep after a terrible one.
914. Date night with my love.
915. Free birthday meals!
916. Pay day.
917. Relief from the cold temperatures.
918. Preparing to teach in our kids ministry.

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