Friday, January 31, 2014

{iPhone Rewind} :: January

 This was actually the last day of December, but I had already posted my iPhone rewind, so I just decided to save it for this month. My sweet husband left me a gift at work while I was out to lunch. Definitely an encouragement that day!

We started off the new year by doing a little cleaning and organizing. This type A girl was more than happy to alphabetize Mike's book collection; he sure has a lot of books {so I have no excuse on my reading goal!}

We didn't get the worst of the polar vortex, but we weren't immune either. "Feels like 0" is WAY too cold for this Texas girl! But to keep it in perspective, my brother-in-law had a work trip to Chicago, where it was "Feels like -42." No joke.

We were running full speed to get things ready for Redeemer's public launch. It was fun to get our signs in!

Ya'll. I have been on pins and needles waiting for this Winco to open. I have watched it being built for months now, and cannot wait for it to open next month!

 I obtained this handy contraption at work, and I think it's the best invention ever {I'm sure I'm WAY behind, but I'm excited about this little device!} It's a portable charger for your phone(s). So convenient!

 We are absolutely loving our espresso machine. Mike makes fantastic lattes {still using that barista training!}, and he makes them fun for me :)

The worship guide for our first pre-launch service; we couldn't have been more thankful for the minimal hiccups. We will have one more pre-launch service before the official launch February 8th.

Sasha has started sleeping with her toys. You know, just in case...  ??  Haha :)

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