Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY :: Home Coffee Bar

I have wanted to have a home coffee bar for awhile now. We host a lot of people in our home, and usually have a makeshift coffee bar on our kitchen counter. Of course, there are tons of ideas on Pinterest, so I have been planning and creating in my brain for months! When we got our Nespresso, we decided to go ahead and piece together our own coffee bar, and our families helped us obtain varying pieces as Christmas gifts {yay!}

I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out, and it's so nice to have the extra storage space. We love serving coffee and tea to guests, so this just makes it a little more fun! :)

Our collection of monogrammed mugs were perfect to display on the hooks.

Coffee/espresso anyone?? :)

Monogrammed "M" :: a gift from my sweet Bible study girls
"But First Coffee" Sign :: Mike's idea, my design; printed at home
Shelf with baskets :: Hobby Lobby (50% off sale and a Christmas present from mom and dad)
Cabinet :: Target (10% off the weekend after the whole debit card debacle)
Espresso Machine :: Nespresso Pixie (a Christmas present from Mike)
Torani Syrups :: World Market, varying liquor stores, Mike's parents (more Christmas presents)
Coffee Maker :: Wedding present :)

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