Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

I had to work on Christmas Eve {which I have decided that I am not a fan of that, but people need their money and loans, right?}, but they did let us go at noon, which was really nice. My brother had come to stay with us through Christmas, so we got to hang out with him that afternoon. We went to the Christmas Eve service at the First Presbyterian Church to worship with the sweet congregation that has opened their building up for us to hold our church services. After the candlelight service, we headed to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Christmas morning was relaxing, with a waffle breakfast and a Skype session with my parents. Mike and I had decided to buy a joint gift this year, so we didn't have gifts to exchange that morning. We had already received our Nespresso machine before Christmas and have been thoroughly enjoying it!

Nespresso Pixie
Ya'll, I love this machine. Lattes and cappuccinos on demand? Yes please! We use it with our Starbucks milk frother, and it's awesome.  :)

We then headed over to Mike's parents for Christmas lunch. I was really proud of myself for remembering to charge and bring my camera, but when I pulled it out to take photos of my adorable niece opening her presents, I realized I had forgotten to put the battery back in it. Blah. I was so upset that I forgot it, that I didn't even remember to take photos with my iPhone. So I have zero photos of Christmas. Sigh. We headed over to my brother-in-law's for Christmas dinner and a "Happy Birthday, Jesus" party.

I had to work the day after Christmas as well {the downside (??) of working at a bank and having to coordinate with the other assistant}, but I was able to take Friday and Monday off so that we could head to San Antonio to celebrate Christmas with my family. We decided at the last minute to drive to SA on Thursday after work, and I'm so glad we did because it gave us the entire extra day with my parents. 

Saturday we had our family Christmas and opened presents. Excuse our pajama looks :)

Michael got new pots and pans

Gift cards are always a winner

My mom loved her new Kindle case- handmade on Etsy

My dad is excited about his new study Bible

My parents knew we are assembling a home coffee bar, so I was really excited about this shelf!

Saturday night we headed downtown to the Riverwalk. It probably was the worst time, since all of the Texas and Oregon fans were in town for the Alamo Bowl. So it was CROWDED, to say that least. But it was still fun to walk down the river and see the Christmas lights.

Sunday we had Christmas with my dad's side of the family, and we enjoyed a yummy lunch and some fun time together. My parents gave everyone a photo frame with a picture of my grandparents in it, and it was a hit!

We loved the time we had in San Antonio, and were thankful to spend time with my family. But we were also excited to get home. We both work tomorrow, and then we'll be looking ahead to the new year!

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