Sunday, December 1, 2013

1000 Gifts #643-732

643. A quick lunch before a weekend with church women.
644. Dinner around a campfire with friends.
645. S'mores!
646. Warm clothes by the fire.
647. A jacket in the cool morning.
648. Stretchy pants. I love me some stretchy pants :)
649. Seeing my husband after a few days of being away.
650. Watching my niece being dedicated at church.
651. Lunch with family.
652. Good report at the dermatologist.
653. An easy cure for new sicknesses.
654. A rainy day.
655. Strength for a new day.
656. The ability to go home at lunch to take care of a sick husband.
657. Sweet fellowship with the women in our church.
658. Strength for a long day.
659. Coming home to dinner already made.
660. Good conversation in marriage counseling for a sweet couple in our church.
661. The Lord's provision through generous partners.
662. Family birthday dinners.
663. Another Baylor win!
664. The last chai tea latte cupcake leftover from a friend.
665. A few pretzels for a snack.
666. Sipped hot chocolate in the afternoon.
667. Breakfast with Laura after a few long weeks without seeing each other.
668. Lunch with supporters.
669. The changing leaves.
670. Reading through Exodus, seeing the provision of Jesus as our Great High Priest.
671. Reading through Exodus, reminded of how the Lord provides for His people.
672. Reading through Exodus, thankful for Jesus as our "once for all" sacrifice.
673. Bank holidays.
674. Remembering our veterans and the sacrifices they have made.
675. Having an entire day to rest and snuggle with my hubby :)
676. Thankful for a break from our normal Bible study meeting.
677. Thankful for my sweet friend Morgan.
678. Thankful I could identify a flare quickly and that it didn't last long.
679. Thankful for the sunshine.
680. Thankful for how hard my husband is working on the church plant.
681. Thankful for Skype sessions with my parents.
682. Thankful for warm clothes.
683. Thankful for a warm home.
684. Thankful for date nights!
685. Thankful for a sweet puppy to take care of.
686. Thankful for being able to leave work on time!
687. Thankful for fun notes from my husband.
688. Serving in our community for Garage Giveaway.
689. Dreaming and planning for our new church home.
690. Dinner with the Rays.
691. An entire Sunday off! A rare but wonderful blessing.
692. Lunch with David and Laura.
693. Thankful for a patient and forgiving husband.
694. Thankful for scheduling provisions.
695. Thankful for our vet.
696. Dinner and games with friends.
697. Thankful for the smell of autumn in a leaves candle :)
698. Thankful for pumpkin pie from a neighbor.
699. Thankful for good discussions with my Bible study girls.
700. Thankful for a husband who helps me run errands and get things done.
701. Thankful for medicine arriving on time.
702. Thankful for an unplanned evening at home.
703. Thankful for my sweet brother and his generous heart.
704. Thankful for wonderful in-laws.
705. Thankful for our church family.
706. Grateful for countless blessings.
707. Grateful for Jesus.
708. Grateful for second chances.
709. Thankful for salvation in Christ alone.
710. Thankful for endurance and strength in Christ.
711. Thankful for grace and forgiveness in Christ.
712. Thankful for time spent with family.
713. Thankful for a Sunday Sabbath.
714. Thankful for peace and comfort from Jesus.
715. Thankful for a short commute to work.
716. Thankful for a heated house.
717. Thankful for the comfort of my husband.
718. Thankful for my husband on his birthday!
719. Thankful for answered prayers.
720. Thankful for health.
721. Thankful for time off from work.
722. Thankful for the ability to celebrate birthdays.
723. Thankful for my brother.
724. Thankful for Thanksgiving.
725. Thankful for family on Thanksgiving.
726. Thankful for yummy foods on Thanksgiving.
727. Thankful for the start of the Christmas season.
728. Thankful for the love of family.
729. Thankful for Fridays.
730. Thankful for a house to clean.
731. Thankful for a car to drive and maintain.
732. Thankful for laundry to do.

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