Saturday, December 7, 2013

{Crohn's Awareness} :: My Hope

Crohn's Disease doesn't define who I am, but it is a big part of my life. So I hope that by sharing my story, you have a little more information on what it is and how you can help come alongside someone you know who suffers from it.
To those who have just been diagnosed with Crohn's: you're going to be ok! Things are going to be scary for a little while, but your diagnosis is not the end of the world. No, there's not a cure {yet}, but they have made great strides in treating our disease. And you will figure out what works best for you. Do your research, find a doctor you trust, and commit to take care of yourself. Surround yourself with the people who love you, and lean on them when things are tough. Don't be afraid to ask questions and ask for help.

To those who are old Crohnies: There is value in hearing someone else's story. Don't be afraid to share yours! It's not always the most comfortable {and I wouldn't necessarily share all the gory details with everyone you meet}, but it was incredibly helpful to me when I knew there were others who were going through the same things. Rejoice on the good days and don't take your health for granted.

To those who know someone who has Crohn's: give your Crohnie friend a hug! :) Life can be hard sometimes with Crohn's, and it's helpful to know that you care and love your friend. Be sensitive to how they are feeling and what they can/can't eat. Be patient when they aren't feeling well or have to reschedule something because they're sick or too tired. Check on them and don't let them become a hermit; encourage them to take care of their health and enjoy the good days.
I pray that inexpensive {yet safe and effective} medicines are found and made available soon. I pray for compassion from the insurance companies. I pray for those who are in the middle of flares, that you find comfort and relief. I pray for a cure every day. For myself, and for others I know or hear of that have Crohn's.

While I have benefited from doctors, research, and medicine, my ultimate hope does not lie in these things. They have certainly helped me, but my hope lies in the ultimate healing from my Savior. I gain strength and comfort from Him alone, because at any moment my doctor or medicine could change. He knows every cell of my body, how it works and when/why it doesn't. He is with me, offering comfort on the bathroom floor on the bad days. I know that every good day is a gift from Him. And one day, I won't have a broken body anymore. All the tears and sickness will fall away, and I won't have to worry about silly diseases like Crohn's.

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