Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1000 Gifts #733-825

733. My best friend's birthday.
734. Family.
735. He washed me white as snow.
736. Bright lights on our Christmas tree.
737. The sunshine on a day of grief and goodbyes.
738. Dinner and conversation with Grace and her kids.
739. Thankful for sweet, encouraging words from friends.
740. The light that shines in the darkness.
741. Bright, sunshining days.
742. A day off in the middle of the week.
743. Getting Christmas shopping done early!
744. Marriage counseling with a sweet couple in our church.
745. Thankful for green lights and a patient dentist!
746. Thankful for a warm house.
747. Thankful for safety on the icy roads.
748. Thankful for a sweet husband who drove me to work.
749. Thankful to be only 5 minutes from work.
750. Thankful for a warm bed.
751. Life eternal from my Savior.
752. Love and compassion from my Savior.
753. Mercy and grace from my Savior.
754. The beautiful icicles that hang from our house.
755. A warm cup of coffee held in my hand.
756. Hearing worshipful music at the Ross King concert.
757. The bitterness of the winter cold, but the beauty of the changing seasons.
758. The ugly brown snow, but the comfort of knowing the roads are becoming safe again.
759. Warmer temperatures!
760. The joy of exciting news for friends.
761. Enjoying leftover bundt cakes from our sweet neighbor.
762. Wrapping up another Bible study with the women in our group.
763. Ice cold sweet tea.
764. Ice cold coffee.
765. Ice cold water {apparently I like ice cold drinks}.
766. Thankful for strength through a crazy busy board day.
767. Thankful for hard but necessary conversations.
768. Thankful for a patient and forgiving husband.
769. Striped, warm socks.
770. A striped scarfs.
771. Christmas music at work.
772. Our first meeting in the new church building!
773. Finding the lost keys :)
774. A fun date out for a friend's wedding.
775. Sundays as a true Sabbath rest.
776. Rummikub rivalry with my love.
777. Attending the McKinney Chick-Fil-A Christmas party {Mike is their "store pastor"}
778. Lunch with co-workers.
779. Comfort when feeling disappointed.
780. Spaghetti pie!
781. Dinner with a sweet friend.
782. Taco Tuesdays at Rosa's Cafe.
783. The comfort of talking with someone who "has been there."
784. Finishing our Christmas shopping!
785. A fun day of running errands, making Christmas gifts, and hanging out with my love.
786. New friendships.
787. Crock pot meals.
788. Anticipating Christmas.
789. Answered prayers.
790. Christmas music!
791. Netflix may not be the real thing, but it's still fun :)
792. Nights in with my love in our pajamas.
793. Quiet mornings with cup of coffee and my Bible.
794. Early Christmas presents.
795. Redeemer Christmas party.
796. Crossing things off my to do list!
797. A home to clean and prepare for guests.
798. A fun date night with my husband to see Christmas lights.
799. The provision of a good job.
800. Spending holidays with my brother.
801. Catching up with Laura.
802. Half days on Christmas Eve.
803. The anticipation of Christ's coming.
804. Christmas Eve service with our First Presbyterian friends.
805. The coming of the Messiah.
806. The glory of God revealed.
807. Good news of great joy for all people!
808. Salvation in Christ.
809. Joy in Christ.
810. Faith in Christ.
811. The ability to go home to see my family.
812. Road trips with my love.
813. Hugs from my parents.
814. A second round of Christmas with family.
815. Yummy food shared with family.
816. Time spend with family.
817. Hope in things not seen.
818. Hope in eternal things.
819. Christmas on the River Walk.
820. Remembering all that the Lord has done for us this year.
821. Coffee and conversation with my mom.
822. Safe travel back home to McKinney.
823. A quiet day at the office before the start of a new year.
824. Thankful for a good year.
825. Anticipation of a new year.

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