Monday, March 31, 2014

{iPhone Rewind} :: March

The last day of February was beautiful, sunny, and warm. And then March rolled in with this ridiculous weather. {If you can't read it, it says "feels like -1"}The yo-yo weather is wreaking havoc on my body aches, so I am MORE than ready for spring...

More often than not, we will look over to see Sasha stretching out on her bed like this. Sometimes she's awake, sometimes she's not. #itsadogslife #crazypuppy

The nasty Bronchitis got the best of me, and I was probably down for the count for a good 2 weeks. I am thankful for antibiotics, and I am learning to never take my healthy days for granted.

Our lovely yard...the sewer line was leaking, and the whole thing had to be replaced. It was a crazy week of back and forth (since we couldn't stay at the house), but we're thankful we're renting and didn't have to foot the bill!

I had an all-day training for Cognos at the Jack Henry offices in Allen. It actually was a good day of training, and I was thankful for the break from the routine of work. I actually walked away feeling confident in being able to apply what I learned.

 Because I was helping video Sami and Adrian's wedding, I got to be a part of their first look. I felt like an intruder on their private moment, but it was super cute to watch him nervously {and excitedly} wait for his bride.

My cute husband is working on a painting project for his office. He's so creative, and I am excited for this project to be complete {because I want to see the finished product!} He has worked so hard, and I know it's going to look awesome! 

Mike spoke at the quarterly Chick Fil A worship service again. We are so thankful for the relationships we have built with the owner and employees, grateful for the opportunity to life high the name of Jesus at a Chick Fil A on a Sunday.

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