Friday, March 14, 2014

One of Those Weeks

Man, what a week! Sickness, discouragements, spewing poop holes, and's been one of those weeks at the McCullough Casa. One of those weeks where you are just so exhausted at the end of it, not really sure what all just happened, and thankful that His mercies are new every morning.

We're all ok over here; probably better than ok. But this week has truly tested both of us: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. We're thankful to Jesus for His presence and loving care. He has walked with us every step of this hard week, and we know that He is still good despite it all...

Discouragement is part of life, part of ministry. Sometimes it all seems to pile up at once, and it leaves you wondering if you are doing the right thing. People and circumstances disappoint. You do your best to walk in obedience and faithfulness, only for things to not work out how you had planned. You find yourself wondering if God is still moving and if He even hears your prayers anymore {He is and He does!}.

Weeks like this one are the ones we were warned about; it would be easy to give in to the discouragement and just give up. And we wanted to at more than one point this week haha. But we're making it through, and we have the promises of God's faithfulness to us. So we press on :)

I have been in and out of work all week, so my days have completely run together; I feel like I have lost an entire week. That cold/cough from last week hung on and turned into bronchitis {boo!} and I have spent the week trying to recover. I went to the doctor on Sunday morning and was able to get some antibiotics. I'm still not 100% {even 5 days on meds}, so I am trying to monitor my symptoms to make sure it doesn't worsen. There's always the risk of pneumonia, so I would appreciate your prayers!

I have been extremely lucky to have not been sick up to this point, but I always knew it was an inevitability. Since I take Humira for Crohn's, I am at an increased risk of illness because the medication is an immunosuppressant. Thankfully, it is targeted {meaning, it doesn't suppress my entire immune system}, but it still means that my body just can't fight sickness like it's supposed to. And that's incredibly frustrating to me. One of those things that just makes me hate Crohn's that much more. I am just thankful for doctors and medicine and understanding bosses.

And just to add some laughter to the ridiculous the midst of the craziness, we discovered a spewing poop hole in our backyard {sorry for the gross picture...just keepin' it real}. Basically, the sewage pipe that runs the length of our yard out to the city line is leaking and has to be replaced. They think the tree in the yard has hijacked the pipe, so they have to replace the whole thing. So that means no access to water and a mini-vacation with Mike's parents for a couple of days. We're definitely thankful we're renting and can just let the landlord mess with all of this, and we're thankful we can stay with family.

When it rains, it pours, right? :)

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