Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Babe, I Will Never Understand... the sheets end up in a knot at the bottom of our bed. I know you don't sleep soundly all the time, but it boggles my mind how the sheets end up SO tangled. you drop your shoes right in front of the closet instead of actually in the closet. Like, right there. So close.

...and how you drop your clothes literally right by your hamper. Like, the hamper is right there...just a couple steps to the right and they could be in the hamper and not on the floor. Just right there.

...or how you place dirty dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is completely empty. Like, not a single dish is in there.

This morning I was obviously working on a few household chores, and I had to stop myself from getting frustrated over these little idiosyncrasies. My type-A personality cannot understand these habits, and I can easily let them bother me.

But then the Lord reminded me of a few other things that I will never understand... patient you are with me. Because while these little things about you can drive me crazy at times, I know my little habits probably annoy the heck out of you. And yet you are patient and sweetly ignore my crazy. you always respond with kindness and love. Always. You may have to work really hard at it, and you may not even want to respond in kindness and love in the moment, but you somehow always manage to. Because you love Jesus and you love me. And you work really hard to be a godly husband. you can always point every conversation, every hardship, every situation to Jesus. In my sinful flesh, I am annoyed by this at times. Because it's not always as easy for me, and I usually fight it and have to be reminded of His goodness and faithfulness. But you constantly seek it, even when it's hard. And you encourage me to do the same, gently leading me to Jesus, even when I'm fighting it.

...or how much you actually love me. I have never felt like I deserved you, and I am reminded almost every day of how I don't. And yet that's what makes the precious gift of sharing life with you that much sweeter. And it makes my heart that much more grateful for the gift Jesus gave to me in you. And reminds me that I don't tell you enough how much I love you. Idiosyncrasies and all ;)

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