Monday, August 31, 2015

{iPhone Rewind} :: August

We decided to have a garage sale before our move to try and earn a little extra cash on some items we wanted to give away. We didn't make very much, but at least we got rid of some stuff!

Sasha waiting for garage salers to come...she wanted to be a part of the early morning action too :)

I am currently obsessed with baked sweet potato fries. It's the closest to the real thing I can have, and I find myself craving these yummy baked fries ALL the time. 

We were watching the Friends episode where Ross can't name all 50 states. Mike and I decided to try our luck at it. I'm embarrassed to say that 2 college educated adults couldn't get all 50 in 6 minutes! If only we had a little more time...  #wearedorks

Guess who was up in the wee hours of the morning to get Baylor tickets as soon as they went on sale?? They sold out so fast last year for the inaugural season in McLane stadium, so I wanted to be sure we got tickets this year. Can't wait to see a Baylor game this fall!

Mike told me he ordered a new game for us. When he said it was a game about mushrooms, I was highly skeptical. And even reading the instructions for the game made me wonder what we got ourselves into. But once we started playing {and I got past the ridiculous lingo}, we actually enjoyed it! It's nice to have other game options for two :)

I got to try the new Tom + Chee in Richardson {Shark Tank, anyone??} It's a gourmet grilled cheese and tomato soup restaurant, and it's awesome! :)

We decided to paint the new house! It was exciting at first, but then I realized how difficult it is to actually narrow down colors. 

We finally settled on some blue-gray colors and we recruited our brothers to help us on painting day. We also decided to repaint the fireplace, and that was a HUGE undertaking. But we are so excited about how it turned out! {photos to come in a later post}

We had a women's ministry kickoff event, and some of the leaders made sure to have a little fun with a little Shake it Off action. Gotta love women's ministry ;)

How sad is it that I have so many pharmacies in my contacts list? Oh the life of someone with Crohn's and endometriosis...  #notafan #butthankfulformedicine

This goofy pup absolutely LOVES going to granny's house! In order to make things a little easier {on us and her} during the move, we decided to let her go spend the weekend with granny. She was definitely excited :)

Mike's brother has been raving about a donut shop in Allen, so we decided to try it. I can't eat donuts, but I tried a bite, and they are delicious. You know they have to be good when the line is out the door! 

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