Friday, August 7, 2015

Embryo Adoption :: Lining Check {FET #2}

Today was our lining check, round 2 :)

Just like before, I have been taking Estrace in increasing amounts for 2 weeks now. My doctor said my lining was 7.6mm triple stripe - perfect and ready for a transfer! 

Because of our schedules and the embryology schedule, we had to push the transfer a little later than we had originally planned. We were a little disappointed, but it will allow the best circumstances for our tiny embryos. So on August 19, we will transfer our next little one{s}! 

Our plan is to transfer 2, but this time around will be a little different from our last transfer. We have 4 embryos remaining, and they are all 3-day embryos. Our clinic will thaw them two days before the transfer and will culture them out to day 5. How they do in that process will determine how many we will get to transfer.

So we are praying that all 4 survive the process. We won't transfer all 4 at once, but we want all of our little ones to survive. Any that survive more than 2 will be refrozen using the newer, better freezing method. 

We knew this would be an emotional process, but it has definitely been hard. We know they are all in the Lord's hands, but we are beseeching our heavenly Father for their lives. 

I will re-start the PIO shots next Thursday; so here we go again!

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