Sunday, August 2, 2015

Homemade Sushi Night

Last night we headed over to Ben & Lindsay's for a homemade sushi night! We are all sushi lovers, so we decided to try making our own, and we had so much fun!

preparing the rice and making shrimp tempura

sushi nigiri- salmon, tuna, crab, and yellow tail

rolling the sushi

We had so much to choose from: sushi nigiri, sashimi, california roll, vegan roll, caterpillar roll, salmon and shrimp tempura roll, volcano roll, and spiny tuna roll. All of the ingredients were really fresh, and it was fun to try a lot of different things.

not a bad spread!

this little one didn't want to be left out of the sushi fun!

It was definitely a fun night with family! We had such a blast just hanging out, making dinner, and enjoying each other's company. We're so thankful for family, and we are so excited to be moving closer in a few weeks!

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