Friday, December 19, 2014

{30 Before 30} :: Grow Something Edible or Pretty

I specifically put this on my list, because I am not known for my green thumb. I keep my puppy alive just fine; plants? Not so much. It has been a miracle I have kept my boss' beloved plant alive. There have been several a few close calls.

Despite my previous failed attempts, I decided I wanted to try {again} to grow something edible or pretty. Plus, I have Mike now to help me keep it alive, so surely my odds are much better...

For Valentines Day, my sweet husband made a trip to Home Depot, talked with the plant people, and bought all of the things necessary for me to start growing some flowers. Yeah, he's pretty cute :)

We started with Morning Glories, Bachelor's Buttons, and Lavender.

We got a few sprouts of green, but all three plants were dead within 2 weeks. Whoops! I think I planted too soon, because I wasn't able to put them outside in the direct sunlight...

...and then summer rolled around and it was too hot to put them outside.

...and then winter rolled around {again} and it was too cold to put them outside. 

...and then I decided I don't care about plants.   :)

So this one didn't actually happen. I just don't have a green thumb, and I'm ok with it. Maybe some day I will have a desire to put forth more effort to growing something. But for now, I am ok with focusing on other hobbies :)

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  1. I don't have a green thumb either! I am determined to try a garden in my new yard next year, but we'll see how that goes...