Thursday, February 28, 2013

{iPhone Rewind} :: February

February is birthday month, which always makes for a good month; here's a look back at the month via iPhone photos :)

 I happened to look down and see that Sasha had a spit bubble hanging out of her mouth, and Mike quickly snapped a photo. Gross.
For Christmas, Mike's sister gave us a subscription to Cooks Illustrated magazine, and we got our first one this month. Such a cool magazine!

I enjoyed a fun birthday with a yummy sushi date with my love!
My work flats finally bit the dust. Poor little black flats. You served me well; you hung in there through multiple re-gluings. But it was time...
I had another flare up this month for my Crohn's, which was slightly discouraging. I am thankful though for the healthy smoothies over at Mike's Health Collection for the days I have to be on a low residue diet.

I got this sweet post-it note valentine from one of our company chaplains. God's love does brighten my day :)

Look at my beautiful friend Cindy...she was all smiles with her special Valentine delivery ;)

It's a girl! Mike's sister revealed the gender of their baby via Sprinkles cupcakes. Baby girl Cheng is due this summer, and we couldn't be more excited for them!!

It was time for Mike to get a haircut, so he said goodbye to his hair and let Jason shave it off :)

A sweet text my husband sent me...he has been so supportive and encouraging throughout this whole Crohn's process. I am so thankful for him!

I participated in the McKinney Education Foundation Spelling Bee, representing the bank on the "Independently Brilliant" team :)

So the one part of my job that has made me nervous from day 1: keeping this plant alive; there is added pressure because it has sentimental value to my boss. Ya'll...I have zero green in my thumb; so the fact that it is still alive and blooming...major points for me! :)

I got to wear the new dress I bought with the gift card my parents gave me for Christmas to Lauren's bridal shower- $10 at New York & Company!

Sasha has learned that the little space heater feels pretty good in our cold house. Heat Thief.


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  1. I really love your posts! They make me smile!! :)