Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Getaway :: Robbers Cave Edition

Several months ago, we decided to purchase a groupon with some friends for a weekend getaway at Robbers Cave State Park in Oklahoma. It was a great deal and a great opportunity to spend some time away with sweet friends!

We headed out after work on Friday, so we didn't arrive at our cabin until late that evening. But we enjoyed our mini road trip and were still able to meet up with our friends for a fun game of Mad Gab.

Saturday we headed over to have breakfast together and then headed out for a group hike.

The Devil's Slide

This sweet little one hiked the whole trail!

Entering the cave...

Leaving the cave...

Even baby David came on the hike!

Taking a snack break :)

We had such a fun time on our hike. I was so impressed with the little ones and how well they did! They were definitely troopers, and it was fun to see their little minds exploring the outdoors. 

After our hike, we all split up in our families to enjoy some lunch and nap time :) Mike and I headed into town to grab some lunch at Sonic, then back to our cabin to relax. After everyone had a chance to recharge, we headed out on a good old fashioned hay ride! One of our friends got the group photo on the hay bails, and I don't have a copy yet. But I did get the group photo at one of our stops- the second tallest tree in Oklahoma :)

This tree is about 250 years old.

The group :)

Another one of our stops was at the horse stables, where the kids got to feed the horses Twizzlers.

That evening we enjoyed dinner and a game of Phase 10. Lots of laughter and fun, for sure! :)

Sunday we slept in, enjoyed some last minute time at the playground, then headed home. We enjoyed our weekend away, and we are so thankful for good times with sweet friends!


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