Tuesday, December 9, 2014

{30 Before 30} :: Make Homemade Bread {Actually Use Our Bread Machine!}

Mike's aunt was cleaning out her house, and we inherited a bread machine....and that was our first year of marriage. And it has basically sat in our cabinet since then.

So I decided to pull it out and first see if it was even working. Good news...it works just fine! It's an older model, so it's not super fancy, but I think it gets the job done :)

Because I don't have a clue how to use a bread machine {and didn't have the instruction manual}, it was a little bit of trial and error. I didn't realize it takes like 4 hours from start to finish {oops}, and my first try I started the process too late. So I basically just did part of the process in the machine. I let the dough mix and rise a little in the machine, but then I took out the dough and let the bread rise outside of the machine and baked it in the oven later.

It actually tasted really good! The dark brown stuff on the pan is the flour that I shouldn't have put on the pan because it burned. But other than that, the loaf of french bread was yummy!

So since it didn't turn out exactly like it should have the first time, but still tasted good, I decided to plan a little better and try again. I let the entire cycle run- dough, rise, and bake. This loaf looked a little prettier, and also tasted pretty yummy :)

I let it sit in the machine a little too long, so the outside was pretty hard, but the inside was nice and soft. I am excited to try other recipes and other types of bread!

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