Monday, March 30, 2009

More Doctor's Appointments

This morning started off like any other Monday. It didn't quite progress like any other Monday, though. I was sitting at my desk when I started seeing know the kind when you look at a bright light and then look away and see all those spots? Those kind. Except I hadn't looked at a bright light (or any light for that matter). And the spots didn't go away. No matter how much I blinked, they persisted. And then I started seeing a white light over my right eye that was blocking my vision. Because it persisted for about 30 to 35 minutes, I started to panic a little. Surely losing vision in an eye is not normal. I called my opthamologist (with whom I already had a follow-up appontment scheduled for next week) and described my symptoms. They had me come in right away. They went through their round of visual field tests, dilated my eyes, etc. Turns out that the opthamologist thinks I might be suffering from migraines. Of all things! But because of the swelling on my optic nerves, he wants to send my back to the neuro-opthamologist to see what he thinks. I have that appointment tomorrow afternoon. I did learn that I am allergic to the numbing drops they put in your eyes before they put the dilation drops. I had another "episode" embarassing. At least now I know I am not crazy, just allergic.

This whole migraine idea is so random. I have had a lot of headaches in the last few weeks, but I had just attributed them to allergies, or the change in the weather. And while they haven't been fun headaches, I would hardly call them migraine-worthy. And I haven't had nausea. I learned today that there are different kinds of migraines, some of which don't even manifest themselves in a headache. So weird! Who knew? If it is migraines, they could be stress-induced or related to medication I am taking. So whatever is going on, I have more doctor's appointments ahead. Please pray for doctor's wisdom and accurate diagnosis. This is coming out of nowhere (as was the original finding of optic nerve swelling), and I just want to find out what the problem is. The fact that another symptom manifested itself just makes me nervous, you know? I know God is in control and is my ultimate Healer. He has shown His power in these health issues before...I am confident He can do it again.

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