Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to My New Blog!

I have been a blogger for several years now, making my start with good old xanga. Anyone remember them? Haha. I had been a faithful xanga blogger, but decided I needed a change. (Thank you xanga; you served me well!) I have been contemplating making the switch to google for sometime now. I really had wanted to start a new blog with a new chapter in my life. But I decided there was no reason to wait for a new chapter to find its way to me...I would create my own! I can't promise this blog will be inspirational, insightful, or even funny. But I can promise that it will be the true account of the journey I am on toward intimacy with my Savior.

So here it is. My journey to the heart of God...


  1. Welcome to google blogging! :) You blog design is so cute! I love you!!

  2. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!! It will be SO much easier to leave comments now!!! :)