Monday, March 2, 2009

VIN- Very Important Neighbor

This morning on my way to work, I saw former President George W. Bush! I knew the former president was going to be a close neighbor of mine…I just didn’t realize how close. I was sitting at a light near the office building where my temp job is located, when I saw a police car turn onto the street in front of me. It was followed by 4 black SUVs and another police car. Former President Bush was headed to work in his new office building, which is located in the same center that my current office building is located. I had heard several people in the office talk about seeing the secret service men around the area, but this morning, I actually got to see the former president! I don’t know why, but there always seems to be a certain level of excitement when a VIP person is within close proximity- regardless of who they are. I just thought it was a fun way to start my day. Random, but nonetheless fun.
***Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for this photo...I wasn't able to snap my own picutre of the former president, but this is still the image I saw this morning, and the one I would have taken if I could have reacted faster.
I have been watching the news coverage of former President Bush and Laura Bush moving back to Dallas- it’s kind of a big deal around here. I knew he was moving into the neighborhood- and I have been getting the inside scoop from one of the girls in my Bible Study group- her parents live on Daria Place, the street where the Bush’s have taken up residence. She has been telling me about all the craziness that has descended on her parents’ street. Can you imagine?

I feel a special kinship with the former president and former governor of Texas. When I was in 7th grade, our class took a field trip to the State Capitol Building, where then-Governor Bush spoke to us about Texas politics. As he was leaving and my other classmates began to mill around, the governor stopped at the door, turned back toward the room, and winked at me before he headed out for a meeting. I know that sounds super cheesy, but it was a big deal to a 7th grader, and you know you’re jealous- lol.

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