Saturday, July 16, 2016

Beach Getaway

We spent this past week soaking up the sun and the cooler weather in San Diego! My parents were blessed with an awesome house rental on Coronado Island, so we got to enjoy a fun family vacation. 

We spent a lot of time at the beach, which was awesome. The water was a little too cold for me, but Mike enjoyed the boogie board and the waves. I was just thankful for the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the crashing of the waves, and my book.

Not a bad view for the week

Date #22: Coronado Beach with my love! #wcsavethedate16

My cute parents

Babies' first trip to the beach! #21w6d

Boogie board dudes

Stud :)

After a day at the beach, we headed back to the house for a homemade meal and some games. The weather was absolutely wonderful, so we got to enjoy dinner outside on the patio. Mike found a new card game called The Game, and we had a fun time learning and playing it.

On Sunday we took the ferry over to the mainland and walked along the pier.

Enjoying the ferry ride


USS Midway {my parents toured this before we got to San Diego...too tight of quarters for this preggo!}

The Star of India- the world's oldest active sailing ship

Shadow babies


Unconditional Surrender...and our re-enactment :)

On Monday, we headed to the San Diego Zoo. We got there early to beat the crowds, and it was so nice to walk the zoo in the cool of the morning. 

This guy greeted us at the entrance. Apparently they just wander around the park...

Making the best of one of his least favorite places...

Favorite animal photo of the day #meerkatlife

SUPER thankful for the escalators and moving walkways

So I know I posted my weekly bump photo, but I really took that banner photo before we left. So this is my real 22 week photo. Babies were actually hanging out at the beach :)


On Tuesday, Mike took a private surfing lesson! He has always been pretty athletic and adventurous, so I had no doubt he would do well with it. And he did! He got up on the board almost every single time, which the instructor said is most of the battle. 

Learning the basics

On our last day, Mike rented a surfboard to practice his new surfing skills. Look at my sexy surfer dude :)

While he was swimming out on the waves, he saw a fin swim by and realized he was swimming with dolphins! A pod of dolphins came close to shore to play in the waves, and Mike wasn't too far from them!

On our first day in Coronado, we walked by MooTime Creamery and were instantly pulled in by the smell of their waffle cones. Their ice cream was SO good! On our last day, we were heading back from the beach, and Mike said that if there was a parking space in front of the ice cream shop, it was meant for us to have it again. Parking is at a premium in Coronado, so when there were 2 empty spaces in front of the shop, we couldn't say no :)  Mike enjoyed their waffle ice cream cream between 2 mini Belgian waffles. So good!

On our last night, we headed back over to the mainland to enjoy dinner on the pier. We got to watch the sunset, and of course got our "dressed up" family photos for my mom.

Beautiful sunset on our last night

Probably my favorite photo of my parents :)

Love him so much :)

We had such a great trip, and we were so thankful for the time away. We had some good family time, and we were thankful for the opportunity to have a vacation before our little ones come.

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