Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Silver Wings Gift Galleria

Lindsay and I decided to do another craft show in an effort to move some more inventory. So this past weekend, we headed to the Silver Wings Gift Galleria at Hebron High School. The nice thing was that we didn't have to prepare anything for it; we just showed up!

We had a little larger space this time, which actually worked out really well. We were able to put out more product, and it felt more open for customers to walk through.

The show itself had a lot of vendors and really was great. The Silver Wings dancers were adorable and super helpful the whole day. The sad thing is that there just wasn't very much traffic. So unfortunately, it was kind of a bust. I did get a custom order out of it, so that was kind of fun.

Our craft show days might be over haha, but we are glad that we tried! We enjoyed creating our inventory and learned a lot in the process. And if you're interested in any of our products, check out our Etsy shop :)

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