Thursday, December 10, 2015

Embryo Adoption :: We've Been Matched {Again}!

Today we accepted the match for our second set of precious embryos!

Again, we won't provide a lot of details on this blog {for privacy reasons}, but we are so thankful for the family the Lord has brought to us. Just like with our last match, we are in awe of how the Lord orchestrates His plans, and we look forward to how the Lord continues to reveal and develop a sweet connection with this family.

Our genetic family {J&J} is from Virginia, and they have 2 beautiful kiddos through IVF. They said that donating their embryos to Snowflakes was the easiest decision they have made as a couple. Their desire was to bless another couple who had walked the dark days of miscarriage and doubt. They had vowed never to give up on building their family and wanted to help someone else in the struggle they knew too well. 

This sweet family has 4 precious embryos. When we read their letter, we felt as though they were speaking directly to us. We are so humbled that they chose us to care for their tiny ones, and we are so excited to move forward in this process with them. Our hope is to still have genetic siblings, but we know that we have to trust the Lord with the lives He has entrusted to us.

I may or may not have created 4 individual snowflake cookies in the midst of my holiday baking...

We actually received the profile for J&J about a week ago, but we were waiting to hear from my RE to get her take on the embryology report. Because of our previous losses, we needed to take the embryo grading into more consideration for our next match {a whole other post for another time; just a difficult part of this journey}. It was SO difficult declining the last match with I&A {I hated saying "no" to babies}, and I really didn't want to have to do it again. We really fell in love with this sweet family and were hoping this was THE one, so we were praying for a good report. 

And today we got the "good report" we prayed for! The embryologist said we basically have 2 really strong embryos, and 2 average/fair embryos. She and my RE feel we have a good chance at a successful pregnancy {ies}, and that it was a good group to adopt. That works for me! :)

So now we move forward with contracts and shipping. We have been praying that the Lord would bring our embryos to us before the end of the year...they're almost here!

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