Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Oklahoma Retreat

Mike was asked to speak at a college retreat this past weekend, and I was able to tag along! Our sweet friends lead a college ministry in Norman, and they had their annual fall retreat.

The retreat was at the Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center in Davis, Oklahoma. It was a gorgeous cabin, and the perfect place for a weekend retreat. The weather wasn't awesome though; it was rainy and cloudy most of the time, so we didn't get to spend much time outdoors, but it was still a fun chance to get away. And I always enjoy hearing Mike speak {even though I am a far cry from a college student...nothing like a weekend with college kids to make you feel old!}  :)

The theme of the weekend was "being rooted," taken from Colossians 2:6-7. Mike spoke about what it looks like to be rooted in the Story of God's work throughout history and eternity, rooted in Christ, and rooted in the local church. I felt like it was a good reminder for me personally, and I kept praying that the Lord would speak to the students in a way that would forever change them for the gospel and the kingdom. 

The entire weekend, Mike and I kept talking about how we felt when we were in college: all the possibilities of life, the way the Lord grew us in our faith, and how we seemed so ready to take on the world. It was such an exciting time, and we both felt like the Lord used our time in college to develop a deeper faith and a passion for Him. It was interesting to reminisce on that time, and to now have the perspective of 8+ years out of college. Walking a little more through the trials and triumphs of life makes Jesus that much sweeter.

We also kept talking about how OLD we felt. The college students looked like such babies! And it was most definitely the leggings-as-pants mecca. #leggingsarenotpantsladies

During our free time, we were able to play a few games and even hang out with students. But we were definitely the old people that took a nap and went to bed while the college kids stayed up to party.

We were so thankful to be a part of the college retreat. It was exciting to see the ministry that our dear friends have with these students, and how the Lord is working through them to impact these students for the gospel. We pray that these students fall deeper in love with Jesus and desire to pursue Him with their whole lives.

#iheartFR #wcl

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