Saturday, October 31, 2015

{iPhone Rewind} :: October

I spent the first part of October sanding all of my wood pieces for our craft show {coming in November}! At first I hated it...but by the end, I thought it was fairly therapeutic. 

I spotted a Blue Bell truck!! It will be in our area November 2nd. Almost here!

What?? Apparently you can now choose the skin tone of your emojis. I'm definitely going for tan.

Sometimes you just need to keep watch over the neighborhood #Sasha

I wasn't really a fan of Greek yogurt, but decided to give it another shot. My co-worker ate these Oikos cups with fruit in the bottom every day, and after trying them, I understand why she did...they're SO yummy! Now, I'm sure there are more healthy {read: less sugar} Greek yogurts out there, but I really like these!

Sasha has been my little crafting buddy. I work hard on my crafts, and she works hard on her nap :)  But she is sweet to keep my company!

Ya'll. I have seen adult coloring books everywhere and have decided that I needed one in my life. I LOVED coloring as a kid, and it's my favorite activity to do with kids. I was so excited to pick out my 24-pack of colored pencils, and I have enjoyed coloring my paisley patterns. #nerdalert

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