Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Embryo Adoption :: Home Visit #2

Tonight we had our second home visit. Because we moved and both had a change in our employment since our last home visit, our agency required an update to our home study. So our sweet social worker Beth came to Texas again to see our new place.

{We chose to do an embryo adoption specific home study; Nightlight has social workers on staff who can provide the home evaluation. We had the option of partnering with an agency in the DFW area, but we wanted to stick with working with one agency, instead of two. Because embryo adoption is not as widely known, we also wanted the education/interview piece to be more focused on embryo adoption, which may not have happened with a local agency. And because Beth already knew our file and had visited us once, we wanted to stick with her}.

Poor Beth...her flight got delayed and she was stuck in Atlanta for several hours, so she didn't actually make it to our house until 11pm! She was still up for the visit, and we were thankful she was still willing to make this trip work, even if it was a crazy time. Definitely above and beyond the call of duty :)

This visit was short and sweet. She really just needed to see the house and make sure we had a safe place for children. She will write up her report, and we should know if we are re-approved in the next week or so. And then we can officially enter into the rematching process. Here we go again...

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