Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tis the Season

For Mike's birthday, I gave him Christmas lights. That might seem a little strange, but this was such a HUGE gift from me to him. Since we have known each other, we have always disagreed on Christmas lights. I prefer clean, pretty white lights; Mike prefers the tacky festive colored ones. {Mike says he prefers the fun colored ones and that I prefer the boring white ones...}

So when I was trying to think of creative gift ideas, I knew the sacrifice I needed to make the perfect gift would be to give my husband colored Christmas lights :)

I did ALL of my research to find the best ones, and I got everything we needed to get our house decorated for Christmas. Part of the gift was hanging the lights together! 

Even Sasha and Michael got in on the light-hanging fun :)

When I pulled light clips out of the box for Mike, it sounded like Sasha's treat box. So she didn't leave my side, hoping that somewhere in the box, a yummy treat would emerge...

We also did the rest of our Christmas decorating this weekend. Christmas tree, stockings, etc. I LOVE that we have a real fireplace to hang our stockings this year!

I tossed our old door wreath in the move because it was in pretty bad shape, so I was on the hunt for another. But then I decided to do something a little different. I decided to make an ornament door hangar {you know, since I have been in such a crafty mode lately}, and I really like how it turned out! Some parts look black in the photos, but it's actually a dark green.

Materials: wood ornament from Hobby Lobby, acrylic paint, Christmas greenery, bells, ribbon, wood "M" initial
Tools: foam brush, hot glue gun, staple gun
Total Project Cost: $15 {with 40% of coupons and 50% off sales!}

We're ready for Christmas over at the McCulloughs! :)

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