Monday, November 30, 2015

{iPhone Rewind} :: November

It was feeling more and more real when Lindsay and I did a mock set-up of our craft show! It was fun to see our finished products; it made us feel legitimate :)

I absolutely LOVE my Silhouette Cameo. I used it for almost all of my craft show products, and even tried the print and cut feature for our price tags. It is by far the best crafting tool I have ever bought. I'm a HUGE fan!

This dog. With it getting darker earlier, she is convinced it's time to eat WAY before it actually is time for dinner. She will stare me down until I feed her. 

My mom asked me to help with some of her Christmas gifts, so I took it as an opportunity to jump back into sewing! 

I am REALLY enjoying the Revelation study with BSF. I had an early morning, so I decided to grab a cup of coffee and read my notes. It has been good for me to slow down and intentionally focus on the Lord on His throne. Good stuff.

Apparently, I spent a lot of time at Starbucks this month :)  It was Mike's first full day of vacation, so we headed to Starbucks for an afternoon date. We enjoyed lattes and our books.  #lovehim

The colder weather meant utilizing our fireplace! We are so excited to have one in the new house, and we plan to thoroughly enjoy it through the winter months.

November and Thanksgiving means all things pumpkin! I made a pumpkin roll as a precursor to Thanksgiving, and it was SO yummy. One of my favorite Thanksgiving desserts, for sure!

I finished the project for my mom pretty quickly, which I was excited about. Sewing is like riding a all came back to me once I got into a groove, and now all I want to do is sew. Now to find my next project...

So these flowers started blooming in our backyard. Aren't they SO interesting? Does anyone know what it is?

Our church handed out these advent guides from Buckner, and I was excited to start reading through it. I am thankful for this season to slow down and focus on celebrating Christ's coming.

Cold and rainy Sunday afternoons mean homemade lattes. I enjoyed this sweet smiley face pumpkin spice from my love :)

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