Friday, July 10, 2015

Embryo Adoption :: Transfer Day

Our babies are on board! :)

Today we had our Frozen Embryo Transfer {FET}. We transferred two day-5 blastocysts, so yes- we are praying for twins! Just like with the mock embryo transfer, the worst part of the procedure was having to go in with a full bladder. But unlike the mock transfer, Mike was with me and we got to see our tiny ones transferred together.

For all the things that infertility stole from us, one of the cool things about our story is that we got to choose the day and actually know the exact time that our embryos entered my uterus. We got to watch it happen together on the ultrasound screen. How cool is that?

I LOVE the fact that my gown had snowflakes on it :)

Today was supposed to be a day of excitement and joy, but we left the clinic with mixed emotions. Before the transfer, we had a difficult conversation with the embryologist. Because our embryos were frozen using an older, slower freezing method, they did not do so well in the thawing process. If you know anything about what 5-day blastocysts are supposed to look like, you can see from our photo that our babies lost a lot of critical cells in the thawing process. We knew this was a risk, but it was still a heartbreaking conversation. 

Despite the low chances we were given, we still did the transfer to give our embryos the best possible chance at life. We couldn't just leave them in the lab. We left the clinic with heavy hearts, but we are trusting the Lord with the outcome. We are pleading with Him to take care of and grow our little embryos, but ultimately, we know they are in His loving hands.


Age of Embryos? They were created in May 2007, so they have been frozen for 8 years
Size of Embryos? About 0.1 to 0.2 mm
Development: 5-day blastocysts; the entire genetic blueprint for life {chromosomes/DNA} are present
Meds: Cabergoline 2x/week, day 21 of Estrace, day 7 of progesterone in oil
Sleep: Despite my excitement and anxiety, I slept fairly well...nice and rested up for the transfer
Best moment of the week: Actually making it to transfer day and knowing that we are giving our babies their best chance at life
Miss anything? My butt not being a pin cushion...but it's SO worth it for our babies
Cravings: Oreos- but mostly because I am sad today and needed some comfort food
Symptoms: Tired from the progesterone
Looking forward to: Our pregnancy test in 10 days, and finding out if our babies implanted, despite the low chances they were given

**This post was written on our transfer day, but was not published until after we made our official announcement. I back-dated to the actual day so we could have all of this for our own records and memories.**

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