Friday, October 3, 2014

High Five for Friday!

{one} Ahh...crazy Texas weather. It has been 90 degrees all week, but tonight it will get down to 48 degrees. And will most likely be 80 tomorrow. Nothing like a 40 degree drop {and then rise} in temperature in a 24-hour period! ;)

{two} So everyone is talking about Ebola. I get it. It's a scary thing. I am sad for the families in West Africa that have been affected by the epidemic. I pray that those suffering would find comfort and rest, and that those helping take care of the sick are protected. But can I just say that people in the US of A need to get a handle on their panic/emotions?? I understand that they need to quarantine this thing so that it doesn't spread, and there need to be steps taken to ensure public safety. But the media chaos is just causing so much misinformation and unnecessary panic. Plastering the face of the Dallas patient all over the news has made him and his poor family pariahs. We live in a country that has an abundance of resources and sanitation, so we should be focusing on helping those who don't have access to those things. Instead, people are panicking, cancelling their luxury vacations and stocking up on even more of the abundant items we already have. Ugh. I'm all about taking precautions, but the gravity of Ebola here is laughable compared to those actually suffering. Be smart: if you're sick, stay home. Wash your hands and don't touch the body fluids of someone who is sick. That simple. //End rant.  :)

{three} Ya'll. I am just a tad excited that Gilmore Girls is now available on Netflix! I watched this show in high school/college and loved the craziness of Lorelai and Rory, and was sad when the show ended. It could be dangerous that it's on Netflix...

{four} Last Saturday we had our last Redeemer Church service. On Wednesday, we had our last Redeemer missional community group. We are having a family dinner/meeting tomorrow, then will meet in homes for 3 more weeks to walk through what it looks like to find another church home. We ask for your continued prayers in this transition. We are saying goodbye to this chapter of our lives, and it's definitely hard and sad; we are emotionally, spiritually, and physically spent. But we are hopeful for what the Lord has planned for us next.

{five} I realized the other day that I still have quite a few things left to check off on my {30 Before 30} list! I have officially crossed off 7 items, and currently have 8 things in progress and 4 things actually planned on the calendar. Not too terrible, but I better get a move on some of these...I only have about 4 months left!

Happy Friday! :) 

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