Tuesday, September 30, 2014

{iPhone Rewind} :: September

We headed out to the ball field to play a little baseball with some friends. Their boys are in baseball and wanted to get some practice in. I got to hang out with their youngest boy {who is too young for baseball} and play tee ball and chase butterflies :)

I'm a nerd and I cannot help it...our new fancy copier arrived at work!! It's the cadillac of copiers, and it makes my job SO much easier :)

I was surprised with this sweet gift from Lindsay! She was going to give me her old machine, but it turned out to be more expensive to fix/service that one than to get a brand new one. So when she showed up with this, I was SO excited :)

Our niece Sarah turned 11, and she had a pajama breakfast birthday party {best idea ever!} We enjoyed a morning with family, filled with waffles and pajamas. Such a fun day!

My husband found the most amazing thing ever: dark chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. He jokes that I need to take a couple every day to make me feel better. I'm ok with that recommended dose!

I finally got a hair cut. Apparently I have this bad habit of waiting 4+ months between haircuts. Anyway, it was finally time, as my hair had become SO long and SO heavy. I didn't do anything drastic, but I feel like it's healthier and more manageable.

We headed over to the McCulloughs for an afternoon cooking class. Mike's favorite meal is his dad's crawfish etouffe, and he has been wanting to learn how to make it. And his dad was finally offering the recipe :)

Who takes medicine like a toddler? I do! With my pill-induced esophagitis incident, I was thankful for the liquid medication to coat and heal my irritated esophagus.

I love Fall decor :)

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