Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Fair to Remember

My mom came in for the weekend, and we had so much fun! The boys had a hunting weekend, and we had a girls' weekend. Friday we headed to the State Fair, and we enjoyed fair food, shows, and just walking around in the beautiful weather.

The new Big Tex looks good...while still awkward, I think his body proportions are slightly better than the last one.

Big Tex kept telling everyone to wash their hands before they ate. Just an observation: considering all I witnessed at the fair, Dallas is doing pretty darn good to only have a few ebola cases. Just saying...

My cute mama with Big Tex :)

Taking pictures in the truck my dad wants to make him jealous :)

Gotta have a Fletcher's corn dog!

The only fair food I can was about the size of my head and most definitely yummy!

We did the Chevy Ride and Drive to check out the truck my dad wants...I always enjoy test driving a truck on a fun track :)

Enjoying the random exhibits...this was the 100 year anniversary for Greyhound bus exhibit

We took a water break and watched the sheep auction. Noisy little sheep :)

Baby piggies! :)

We went through the animal exhibit and it kind of felt like being at the zoo. 

This guy kept eyeing me...

And a trip to the fair wouldn't be complete without the pig races ;)

We stopped for dinner on the way home to let the traffic die down, then enjoyed a night in after a long day at the fair. Saturday we had breakfast with Laura, then did some shopping. We explored the quilt shops in McKinney, and just enjoyed hanging out and catching up. It was a great weekend, and I'm so thankful for the time with my mom!

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